Quebec Provincial Tax Credits

In Quebec, French and the official language. If you decide to work in this Canadian province, there is a certain amount of information you should know about Quebec provincial tax credits and tax credits. With JKB Services, a company specializing in providing accounting services, you can get everything you need to know about tax credits.

Note that unlike other Canadian provinces, the tax rates recorded in Quebec are among the highest in the country. This situation gives the population a certain advantage, because the government of Quebec, thanks to the high tax rate, can offer many benefits that other governments do not. This includes subsidized care for children. Also note that Quebec offers several tax credits to the most vulnerable families and to individuals with average or low income. The details.

The tax rate in Quebec

In Quebec, the tax structure is progressive. This is the same system used in most provinces in Canada with the exception of Alberta which has opted for a flat tax. Thus, in Quebec, individuals who earn a high income pay a significantly higher tax rate than other taxpayers. If you want to know the amount of your provincial tax, complete Form 428. The information you provide in this document is taken into account for the estimate of the tax you owe. JKB Accounting and management services can help you determine the amount of tax you owe. This professional specializing in accounting strategies will also not hesitate to provide you with the best advice in all steps related to payment of tax.

Note that in Quebec, the amount of tax is revised upwards each year according to inflation. The following figures show Quebec's tax brackets in 2014.

  • For an annual income of $ 41,495, the tax rate is 16%
  • For annual income between $ 41,495 and $ 82,985, the tax rate is 20%
  • For annual income between $ 82,985 and $ 100,970, the tax rate is 24%
  • For annual income over $ 100,970, the tax rate rises to 25.75%

What you need to know about the solidarity tax credit

This type of credit was introduced in July 2011. It incorporates three tax credits, namely the refundable tax credit for individuals living in the territory of a northern village, the Quebec sales tax credit and the refund. property taxes, the property tax refund or the Quebec sales tax credit.

To qualify for this credit, you must be 18 years or older. You must also reside in Quebec and be an authorized resident for immigration purposes. Whether you are single or living in a conjugal relationship, you are only entitled to one tax credit. Remember to provide your banking information when you apply, as the credit amount goes there immediately after your application is approved.

Note that if you live in an area that qualifies as a northern village, you have the option of claiming a spousal amount of $ 1,620 and a base amount.

If you need to know any other information, please do not hesitate to contact JKB Services. The latter will not hesitate to provide you with the information you need and to provide you with the best advice as to the steps to take to apply for a solidarity tax credit .

Child assistance payments: the main thing to know

If you live in Quebec and your child was born in that province, you can benefit from the Quebec child assistance payment. Note that if your child was born in Quebec, you do not need to make any request. He is immediately registered when you register his birth with the Town Hall.

Note that even if your child was born in Quebec, the amount of child assistance that you receive may be different from that of other families who also have children living in Quebec. The reason is that the awarding of this offer depends on four criteria including:

  • The number of children under 18 who are still in your care;
  • The number of children in your care;
  • Family income;
  • The situation of your family (single parent or household with two parents).

Other criteria may also be taken into account, but those mentioned are the most considered in the context of support for children in Quebec.

Child assistance is tax exempt because it is similar to the Canada Child Tax Benefit. Note that support for children in Quebec is revised according to the cost of living. The reason is that the government wants the aid given to really contribute to improving the living conditions of beneficiaries.

If you want more details on child support, do not hesitate to contact JKB Services. We are a company specializing in offering accounting services. We can also provide good advice in many areas including those relating to tax credit. Know that our structure has existed for several years. Our team has many years of experience in providing specialized accounting and advisory services to both individuals and professionals.

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