2017 tax deadline | Important dates

For the 2017 tax return, there are deadlines to be observed. These dates are fixed by the tax services and take place between the month of May and the month of June 2017. Note that the date is not the same depending on whether it is a declaration made online or on paper.

It should be noted that each year, taxpayers or until the middle of May to file their paper tax return. Those who missed this date benefit from additional time to declare their income on the internet. It is important to know that the deadline for declaring‘Taxes online is different depending on the department. JKB Accounting services can give you all the information relating to the tax declaration so that you do not incur penalties.

What is the deadline for the 2017 paper tax return?

The paper filing of the 2017 tax return must be made by May 17, 2017 at the latest. close.

At the same time, you also have to pay your second 2017 deposit of ’tax sur le revenu si l’on n’est pas mensualisé ou non imposable. Les concernés ont jusqu’au 15 mai 2017 pour procéder au versement. Pour ceux qui optent pour le paiement en ligne, ils ont jusqu’au 20 mai 2017.

In addition, you should know that additional deadlines are granted to those who make their declaration online. To do this, you must complete a form on the tax website, an online service available since April 12, 2017. From that date, tax returns can be made directly online.

Note that some taxpayers are required to file their tax return online and face penalties if they choose to send their return in paper format. For this year 2017, the number of taxpayers who will be subject to this obligation will increase. To find out more about this, read the new rules on mandatory online tax filing here.

The deadlines to respect for an online declaration

Each department has its own deadline for the final date of the tax return. Of course, the online declaration always presents a later deadline than the paper declaration. It takes between one, two or three weeks between the paper declaration and the online declaration.

  • This year 2017, the deadlines for online filing are as follows:
  • For departments 01 to 19, the deadline was Tuesday May 23, 2017 at midnight;
  • For departments 20 to 49, the deadline was Tuesday May 30, 2017 at midnight;
  • For departments 50 to 974, the deadline was Tuesday June 06, 2017 at midnight.

These deadlines are not the same to avoid connections being too slow when the deadlines approach.

When is the deadline for expatriates and non-residents?

Expats and non-residents also have a deadline. For this year 2017, the deadlines were set as follows:

  • For the paper declaration, the deadline was set for Wednesday May 17, 2017 at midnight;
  • For online reporting, the deadline was set for May 23, 2017 at midnight.

What happens if there is a delay?

For those who have not filed their tax return when the deadline has already passed, they can still file. However, they will be penalized by an increase in the amount of their tax. Other penalties may also be applied in the event of non-declaration or late declaration of tax. Among these sanctions are:

  • The 80% increase in the amount of the tax;
  • The payment of late interest which is 0.40% per month.

Be aware, however, that you can request a free tax rebate explaining what caused the delay.

Can the tax return be changed?

If you have already sent your return, but later find that you need to make an amendment because of an oversight, an error or some other reason, do not panic, because there is a solution to everything. Note that you can proceed to modify your tax return. This modification remains valid even if the imposed deadline is exceeded.

Here is the procedure to follow to correct a tax return:

Note that there is a deadline for correcting a tax return. The steps to follow vary depending on whether you have made a paper declaration or an online declaration. If you are married, either of you can make the change.

Case of a paper declaration

If you have opted for a paper return, you must obtain a blank 2042 tax return which you can download online. You can also pick up this blank tax form at a tax office. After obtaining the form, write on the first page: “Corrective declaration, cancel and replace” then fill in the empty fields. To do this quickly, you can put the information that is good and add those that are missing or deleted the excess. When you have completed the modification, send this form to the tax office.

Case of an online declaration

If you made your declaration on the internet, correcting the information you mentioned is quite easy and you can correct as many times as you wish. The procedure for this operation is simple, because you just need to connect to the tax website. Once connected, the site will offer you to modify your first declaration. After modification and after signing your new declaration, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt which will be sent to you by email.

Note that some information cannot be changed online, particularly information related to family status, address and marital status. To be able to modify this information, it is necessary to make a “corrective declaration, cancel and replace” in paper format. An explanatory letter accompanies the document for better credibility.

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