Meet The Team

Jimmy Kabemba Wa Bakajika


President and CEO


A father and a person who loves life and challenges.

Mr. Kabemba worked as a production and creation accountant at Cirque Eloize. In his career, he managed a health placement agency, a restaurant on Sherbrooke Street West and an Auberge in ‘cote des neiges’ not far from the St-Joseph Oratory. This versatility allows him to better understand his clients and new entrepreneurs who go into business. With 15 years of experience, he runs his bookkeeping agency like a real business with a proven efficient system.

Esthefany Salas


Director and Personnel manager


A woman of character who’s able to reconcile her career with her family life. After her internship with the company, she understood the issues and put the company's staff at ease with her dynamic way of working and managing internal crises. Having run a business in the field of office and retail maintenance, she is a manager at heart.

Carl Beauport


Responsible for Accounting Software and Technological technologiques


With his calm and pleasant smile, he always sees things in a positive and serene way. New technologies and accounting are one with him. Coming from the iPhone and Android generation, it brings freshness and ease to office and accounting tasks.

Mensah Assigbi


Analyst and Auditor of corporate accounts.


With more than 15 years of experience in his home country, he did his internship in our office before being selected for his skills and competences. He quickly understood the workings of Quebec and Canadian accounting. His attention to detail ensures that nothing escapes him and prevents us from making mistakes in client files. Father of a family, he is responsible and treats his colleagues with great respect.

Jessika Valdèse


Communications Officer, Accounting Analyst


After her master's degree at UQAM, she brought a big plus to our office. An entrepreneur at heart, she knows the importance of corporate image and the marketing world. She takes care of all developing clients as well as business plans and financial forecasts. She has an interesting background (Remax, Ernst & Young, etc.) she will understand you and bring you to your destination.

Behind these executives above, you have a great team that brings a great deal more to this office and if you want to be part of the adventure, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by sending your CV to .