Nations are becoming increasingly aware of the interconnectedness of cultures, ecosystems and people.

We also believe that a good community takes the opinions and views of others into account.

Making ours a better world starts with a community.

According to JKB community, the best way to make that happens could be resumed in 3 steps.

Supporting people with limited resources

JKB has decided to take care of a child by participating in the programs of World Vision. We could create another foundation to do that, but we promote the fact of encouraging an organization that devotes all its energies and resources to bringing clean water where it is currently lacking, to helping children to join a school, to enabling parents to feed their families and to give hope to abused or exploited youth. JKB also works with organizations all around the world that wants to advance the cause of the forgotten and limited resources people.



Hosting a trainee in our community

For more than 15 years, we have been trying to support newcomers as well as young people who are enrolled in a vocational training (DVS), technical training (DCS) or other educational courses in the field of accounting and bookkeeping. To date, we have hired more than 7 people and allowed 10 people more to have a successful transition to a major job:

  1. Shirley, auditor in France after studies in accounting and an exchange internship at JKB
  2. Coulibaly, CPA in an accounting firm after 7 years at Revenue Quebec
  3. Anne Marie, works in the office
  4. Mohamed, accounting technician at an accounting firm
  5. Fouad, payroll manager at a private company
  6. Nicole, accountant at a pharmaceutical company
  7. Evrard, accountant in an architectural firm
  8. Maimouna, works in the accounts payable department
  9. Christelle Paty, payroll expert

All these people have been able to join our community between 2010 and these days. They are an integral part of our success and so are we in theirs. These exchanges have allowed us to grow both humanly and professionally. It is just great encounters!


We contribute to protect the environment by reducing printouts

At JKB, we opt for the cloud. Now we encourage our customers to scan their documents, open accounts on online applications like Receipts Banks, Hubdocs, Quickbooks online Receipts option, etc.

With these practices, we do our part to save trees.

We intend to transfer our clients' files to online software to enable them to participate in the smooth-running of their businesses and participate in our environmental policy. JKB remains aware that only governments will not be able to solve the pollution problem. SMEs will also do their part by making wise choices with the participation of their employees, customers and employees. The cloud offers a healthy and enjoyable life.