Services for corporate planning and business reorganization

Services for corporate planning and business reorganization

The market is constantly changing, and your business can be in a difficult financial situation. As a result, sales could be declining significantly, and the company would be on the verge of shutting down while employees expect an economic layoff. The situation could be catastrophic if there is not a quick and effective solution, not to mention the worries of unpaid debts if bank loans have been made. To break the deadlock, call JKB Services, a consultancy agency with accounting services. We can find you an efficient solution and give you the best advice to avoid such a situation in the future. Please be aware that our team can assist you so that you can find better financial stability. You will then be safe from bankruptcy and your business can claim to be a booming change.

We offer a well-targeted solution to all our customers so that they can make a significant improvement to their financial activities. Our offers are flexible and can meet the expectations of any customer. Quality is a key word for us, that is why we always work on the customer satisfaction. In order to restore your financial situation as quickly as possible, we do not hesitate to work with experts. If you want to return to a stable situation, an external look like ours is useful to you. We'll try to do a full analysis of your business to quickly identify what's causing your problem. Strategies will then be developed so that you can resume your most beautiful activities. We will be able to put together a restructuring plan for your business and you can use it to claim rapid development.

Effective recovery strategies

JKB Services will not hesitate to develop customized strategies to resolve your financial concerns as quickly as possible. Thanks to our experience and to our expertise, we can draw up a logical, achievable and an effective recovery plan. You will not have to go into debt or to expose yourself into more other worries. We will ensure that you can restore your situation by relying solely on your strengths. We have already lent a hand to many companies in difficulty and each of them has managed to find a better situation.

Our main goal is to ensure that you can take over the business and then be successful. As we go on, we closely monitor the improvement of your company's situation. If you have any concerns, we give you the right advice and we do not hesitate to call on experts if necessary, to resolve your situation as soon as possible.

As you go through your restructuring process, we stand by you and ensure that we achieve optimized results. We consider ourselves members of your company during this process and do not hesitate to give our best for the achievement of our respective objectives.

To ensure that you no longer experience a critical financial situation, we will put in place different scenarios so that you can better manage your cash flow and avoid the risk of bankruptcy. All you must do is follow our advice so that your business can find momentum.

Funding quest

Going into debt again is not the best solution when a company is in big financial trouble. So, finding funding is necessary. These are two different things, although the search for funds is done at banking institutions. However, the risk of debt is there if you decide to take out loans without thinking about the impact in case of unpaid debt. On the other hand, if you use our service, we will not hesitate to negotiate financing for you while explaining your situation to the bank to which we are addressing.

We know banks are not very motivated to finance companies in financial difficulty, however, we will advocate for you and, you will have a chance of getting significant financing and will easily be able to re-establish your business. Indeed, we have already proven time and again that we can help companies in financial difficulty. The banks trust us and do not hesitate to release funds for the companies we assist. We also excel at accurate reporting for financial firms. Note that all creditors who worked with us were all satisfied and managed to make profits even by financing firms that were on the verge of closure.

In order for the financing application, we make on your behalf to succeed, we will help you assess the assets assigned as collateral and we will also negotiate the rate of your monthly payments as well as the duration of repayment. Our goal is to ensure that the funds you get run your business quickly and allow you to pay your monthly payments without too much difficulty.

In the event of liquidation

In cases where your financial concerns prove difficult to resolve and the proposed recovery strategies promise to be ineffective after analysis, we can assist you in your process for liquidation. If you fall into an insolvency situation, we will conduct a careful analysis that tends towards liquidation. If you are not able to negotiate your situation with your lenders and creditors, we can do it for you. We can act as authorized representatives and will advocate for an outcome that will benefit all stakeholders.

During your simplified liquidation process, we can ensure all necessary steps before the situation turns to a legal liquidation obligation. To do this, we can assume the role of liquidator and perform all related tasks including:

  • The sale of property, the recovery of the debt followed by the payment of the debts.
  • The summoning of the shareholders to inform them.
  • Establishing liquidation accounts.


JKB Services offers management and accounting services. Our team has been trained to be effective in all circumstances.

Effective strategies

After solving your financial concerns, our team will accompany you during the restructuring process. Your company will need a new vision and we will take care of it. You should know that if failures have been known, it is because the strategies adopted were flawed. Living in a critical financial situation is difficult for a company, nevertheless it is also useful in because it builds up the spirit of entrepreneurship. A worthy entrepreneur knows problems are challenges that must be overcome, because it is by meeting the challenges that one achieves the set goal. Our team shares this view and learns from your problems, in that way, we can provide you with lasting solutions.

We will work closely with your company's management to implement the new strategies. The goal is to put in place effective strategies that ensure the rapid development of your business while protecting your business from financial worries. To experience constant evolution in a company, many parameters must be studied. Our team can analyze your old strategies to identify flaws. These loopholes are then exploited in the implementation of new strategies that are based on solid foundations.

Funding search

To claim a better restructuring of your business that has just come out of a big financial problem, you must, without delay, apply for financing. However, banks are reluctant to make requests from troubled companies. This reality is because such institutions are considered non-solvency and banks do not take risks. But with our intervention, your chances of securing funding are optimized. We are working with many banks and they have worked with us many times before. Since we have never disappointed them, they trust us.

We will act as an intermediary between you and the banks to allow you to claim financing to restart your activities. We guarantee the solvency of your company to limit the risks, we will analyze with you the viability of the projects launched and delineate with you the assets assigned as collateral. We are not afraid to take risks, because if companies use our services, it means they are ready to restart their activities and they will not hesitate to exploit the assets that are presented to them. With this vision of things, success is at your fingertips.

In the financing quest mission, we will submit the offer from many banks, so that, you can choose the one that best meets your expectations. We will also give you good advice to optimize your choice.

Liquidation obligation

When we conduct operations to save your business due to a major financial problem, we put forward our optimism because our team has already saved many companies from a critical situation. However, we remain realistic and do not insist if all the data collected confirms a situation that is impossible to rectify. We will then consider an interesting alternative and guide you on the liquidation option. At some point, one must stay on toes and make the best decisions.

Our team is used to the necessary steps to follow for a liquidation decision. In our company, you will find the best liquidation formula and will not encounter any problems.

Before the liquidation, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your activities to have an objective view and to make the best decisions. Every decision will be submitted to you before execution. And we will continue to give you good advice to get out of the situation unscathed.

During the liquidation process, we can also intervene with your bankers to let them know about your decision. In this way, we will ensure all negotiations and defend your interests.

With JKB Services, you will have peace of mind and your vision of entrepreneurship will take on a new dimension.