Retirement Planning and RRSP Services

Retirement Planning and RRSP Services

It is necessary to think about your retirement at some point of your life. Once you are no longer in a professional activity, you must have good coverage to enjoy a happy retirement. To do this, you can plan an RRSP (registered retirement savings plans). To carry out this planning, you must follow certain steps and consult an agency is necessary. If you are looking for quality services, call JKB Services, a consulting firm that specializes in providing accounting services. Our team will be happy to accompany you in every step you need. We will also not hesitate to give you valuable advice so that you can succeed in this operation.

With us, you will know in detail the various steps to be taken and we will also support you throughout the proceedings. In the event of a problem, we will accompany you in the search for lasting solutions. Note that RRSP planning is a tricky operation. It must be conducted with caution so that everything goes according to play. We are used to conducting these kinds of operation and we can be of great use to you. Our team will put at your service its know-how and its seriousness.

Putting a retirement plan in place

Are you an entrepreneur or an important position in a company, and you only have a few years left to work? It is time to think about your retirement by putting an effective retirement plan in place and thinking about RRSP planning. We can give you good advice on how to put an efficient plan in place. Thanks to the experience of our team, you will have no trouble drawing up a retirement plan that lives up to your expectations. We will also provide you with financial tools so you can find the best strategies to easily achieve your goals.

Identify the amount to invest

You need to visualize your needs once you retire before planning an RRSP. If you want to keep the same lifestyle once you retire, you must consider certain aspects. Our team can assist you in this task, we can help you to delineate the amount of money to be invested.

Broadly speaking, you would need to save between 70% and 80% of your annual income if you want to preserve, once you retire, the same lifestyle as you currently have. You should also take your day-to-day expenses into account, as they will remain the same, especially if you want to maintain your comfort.

It is important to consider certain aspects as including the years you have left before you retire, what you will do once you retire, the amount you will receive monthly or your possibility of having other income to avoid errors as far as possible.

Our team will not hesitate to assist you to get the best answers to your questions. We will even analyze the figures and you will see clearly.

Other tasks not to be overlooked

If you want to be successful in your RRSP planning, you need to follow your plan up and adjust it on a regular basis. Our team will accompany you in this task and conduct a periodic review of your progress. Our main goal is to make your plan work out without worry. We will also reassess some of your retirement goals. During this operation, we will take into account all the changes made in your life. New retirement priorities are also considered so that you can get more out of your savings.

Our team can perform several missions including:

  • Reforming your investment strategy to adapt it to the retirement circumstances.
  • The combination of investments in an appropriate way to gain a better visibility of performance.
  • Reducing investment fees.
  • Offering an overview of investments.
  • Consideration of all possible options if the employer grants an early retirement program.
  • Developing a plan to convert investments into tax-efficient retirement income.

We can conduct periodic reviews and ensure that you will take full advantage of every opportunity that arises. Our team is ready to do what is necessary so that you can carry out an RRSP planning in the best of conditions. It will ensure that you do not take risks that could harm your future life.

Steps for RRSP Planning

To ensure that you have a burrfree RRSP planning, we can guide you step by step. We will also assist you every step of the way to go smoothly.

To have a clearer picture on what the RRSP planning is, you need to know that it compares your tax return with the documents you have (e.g. payslips). The goal here is to predict the outcome of your statements before the first two months of the following year. This is the deadline to purchase RRSPs for current reporting purposes.

Here are some of the tasks we will do to make your life easier:

  • Gathering all relevant documents.
  • Comparing documents with your income recorded in the previous year.
  • Assessment of missing revenues.
  • Setting up different scenarios.
  • Analysis of social programs.
  • Telephone calls.
  • Meeting in a private setting if necessary.
  • Writing a detailed scenario report.

To give you complete satisfaction, we will accompany you even after the RRSP planning to make sure everything goes as you wish.