Accounting consultancy to starting a business

Accounting consultancy to starting a business

To create a company is to materialize an ambition, a dream. It is necessary to lay the foundations for this enterprise to live, to grow, to develop and finally to be successful. Traps must be avoided for not to collapse at the lowest cost. For this reason, it is customary calling upon a consulting agency such as JKB Services before opening your business.


JKB Services, a reliable advisor in implementing your accounting strategy

The accounting of a company is structured as it becomes a specific system to that company. However, there is no question of groping to arrive at something tangible. Our consulting agency can support you in this process.

We will be your ally so you can open your accounting books and start keeping them up to date. We will also tell you the right methods to ensure that the maintenance of the books is effective, without any oversight on the part of the person to whom this task is entrusted.

We will also be very sure about planning all the accounting management methods within the company: balance sheet, results statement, annexes, assets and liabilities, analytical accounting... The sketch will take shape thanks to the well-targeted advice of our team. A visible line as a guide is drawn. You can then perfect your accounting and financial policy by referring to our advices.

Consultancy for the choice of an accounting software

An accounting software is essential to manage within a company. It is not just a trend figment. It is a necessity to facilitate the accountant's tasks, but especially to making them precise.

Different accounting software exists on the market. Choosing a software by yourself is a risk because you could be seduced by the salespeople ability to convince. It will be easy to tell at yourself that it is the right software for your business.

Our agency specializes in providing services for the choice of an accounting software. We will assist you in choosing the most appropriate software according to your company's personal and financial management policy. We will also consider the practicality of the software, the possibility of mastering it in a few days of training and the budget you want to allocate to the purchase.

That's it, you've got your business! You have the markets, customers, suppliers and equipment. It remains to recruit staff. Nothing could be easier since there is no shortage of people looking for work.

Accounting being a strategic position, it is essential that a competent and experienced person occupies this position.