Business Diagnosis and Management Advice

Business Diagnosis and Management Advice

If you are an entrepreneur, you aspire to rapid and continuous development. We, JKB Services, are convinced that you are capable of doing so, but for this you must ensure that your turnover is constantly improved and that something new can be done. We can assist you in this quest thanks in particular to our diagnostic services and our personalized management advice.Our team will be happy to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can claim success. We will help you identify factors that can slow down your business growth. We will then prepare solutions that best suit your company's situation.

Note that the services we offer relate to corporate structure, financial analysis, and business plan implementation.

Financial study

Before giving you good advice, we conduct an in-depth study of the management techniques you have used to run your business. We then identify the factors that cause the latter to slow down. To do this, we conduct a financial study and then conduct a well-founded analysis of your financial situation.

To quickly achieve our goals, we conduct a cash flow analysis and financial ratios analysis for your business. We can assure you that transparent management is the key to success for a company. Here are the different ratios that can be analyzed:

  • Customer credit ratio
  • Value-added ratio
  • Inventory turnover ratio
  • Return on equity
  • Supplier credit ratio
  • Cash/relative liquidity ratio
  • Debt ratio
  • Debt capital to equity ratio
  • Ratio de liquidité/ ratio de fonds de roulement
  • Net profit margin
  • Total asset return
  • Financial independence ratio

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After the results of our analysis, we will give you advice focused on improving all the points that could slow down the development of your company. Our team does not hesitate to go to great use in the search for effective solutions to give you complete satisfaction.

Focus on corporate structure

Our team excels at providing management advice so we can help you make necessary changes in your corporate structure. As the tasks associated with them are not negligible, our team prepares for it and takes the time to analyze your requests and the structure of your business.

In any case, we will identify what causes the imbalance in your company adopting an effective management policy. We will help you make your business perform better. We also rank problems in order of importance to better address them through developed tools.

Note that an accurate diagnosis made by our team can identify the following problems:

  • A debt ratio too high compared to business activities.
  • Too slow order processing speed.
  • Lack of suppliers.
  • The homogeneity of the clientele.
  • A market in decline.
  • Lack of strategy and objectives not defined.
  • The presence of major competitors.
  • Lack of awareness of customer expectations.

Our consulting and management services help you put in place an efficient strategy to address these issues. Our accounting services will help you regain momentum and aspire for a dizzying growth of your business. A report will be prepared and sent out so that you have a strong economic recovery program. This document will be written by our elements and it will include strategies for improving your activities and your business formula.

To reform your corporate structure, JKB Services relies on six elements:

  • The need for advice.
  • Mitigation of formalities.
  • The creation of departments (for targeted delegation of tasks).
  • Setting up a hierarchical chain.
  • Optimization of controls/verifications.
  • The centralization of decisions.

The corporate structure of your business gives you an idea of how your business works. With the advice of our agents, you can easily reorganize your business by adopting effective strategies.

Prerequisites for a business diagnosis:

Before making decisions about reforming your business, an accounting diagnosis is required. With this diagnosis, our agents will provide you with good advice and data figures for a better understanding of the situation. To make a good diagnosis, our agents will take the following into account:

  • The development of your business.
  • Employees (human resources).
  • The financial situation.
  • Supply and production.
  • Marketing and communication.
  • The concern for innovation and adaptation to technology.

Making a business plan

After meeting with the executive management, our team will develop a business plan approved by your organization and will give you attractive financing options for rapid development. Our team will not hesitate to inform you about the necessary corrections regarding the strategic plan of your structure. This plan relates to the business decisions that determine the improvement of your company’s performance.

In this reform, you should keep in mind that the quest for financing is necessary whether you decide for corporate restructuring or expansion plans. Our team is also able to give the best advice on this. Your satisfaction is a priority for us.

In conclusion, to make a reliable diagnosis of your business, trust JKB Accounting Services. Our agents are trained in this framework and have the required profile, as they are composed mainly of accounting consultants.