Financial Reporting Services

Financial Reporting Services

JKB Services is a benchmark when it comes to giving assistance to professionals who are experiencing financial problems or who are unable to evolve their business as they wish. We can provide quality services for any business thanks to our accounting services and our experienced team. Our services include preparing budgets or preparing financial statements. If you feel your company needs help with these tasks, don't hesitate to call us. Among other things, the approval of funding application depends on these tasks. They also condition the decision-making for a company.

To implement these financial projections, we take the approval of the management department and we also consider the assumptions made about the future of the organization. Please note that our team is prepared for all situations during a mission related to the preparation of budget forecasts and the preparation of financial statements. We also have reference templates for these tasks, and we adapt them to each situation. These are reliable models that have been tested before being used.

Project analysis

Big projects are usually the result of big ideas. This implies that the magnitude of the risks is also enormous, but that significant benefits are at stake. Thanks to our team, you will not move headlong. We are available to measure with you the viability of your projects and will not hesitate to give you the best advice so that you make good decisions. Also note that if you adopt large projects, you can claim significant profits provided you move forward with full knowledge of the facts. You will also need financing and be able to convince creditors to unlock the capital you will need.

You can get with us what you need to carry out your projects. We can act as an intermediary between you and the banks to unlock the amount you will need. We build a business case to limit the risks. This analysis also measures the possible success rate of your projects. We do not hesitate to put in place strategies that meet your expectations and correspond to your business model.

Strategic plan and implementation of a business plan

Building a business plan is one of our areas of expertise. This plan contains the goals of your company and the strategies you will adopt to achieve them. Thus, its development requires good know-how and our team has everything it takes to do so. We will ensure that this plan is consistent with your objectives and you can achieve it without any problems. We take your human and financial means into account before drawing up a business plan that fits you. We also do not hesitate to weigh the pros and cons so that you easily achieve the goal you have set for yourself without exposing yourself to significant risks.


Before you apply for funding, we can help you to identify your needs and to delineate the amount of budget you will need. The goal is to limit the risk of debt and to make sure that your activities resurge improving your business. Meanwhile, you will not have to pay your monthly installments because your profits will be significant.

Other sources of funding

Big plans involve big tasks. However, you do not have to worry if you decide to rely on our company, because our team is used to managing large-scale projects. Our experience allows us to assess the risks involved and the viability of the projects. We can also deal with several situations; many companies have already worked with us and their concern is different every time.

We can help you with the funding process in case you want one for your projects. In addition to bank financing, you can also use other financing options. If you claim funding from government aid, we can assist you in the process of obtaining the grants. We are experienced in the field since we have already assisted many firms in this quest.

Whether you want to optimize your human resources or carry out expansion projects, we will be at your side. Our team will do everything we can to find you the best sources of funding. You will not have to go through the hard work of getting funding thanks to our intervention. Banks that have worked with us have already made it easier for you to access financing because they trust us. We make sure that our services meet your expectations perfectly. We do not hesitate to devote the time it takes to offer you personalized support.